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Footsmart Podiatry offers a wide range of podiatry services. From the young to the elderly, from simple corns to complex nail surgery, we will take care of any podiatry issues you may have. We have a passion for health and we love to see our patients regain theirs after a visit with us.

At Footsmart Podiatry, our podiatrists have detailed knowledge of how the body moves and an intricate understanding of the way the foot functions. This knowledge allows our podiatrists to identify the errors in how the feet and legs are performing and determine the most appropriate treatment to reduce pain and optimise function.

Custom Orthotics - Podiatry Services

Custom Orthotics

Footsmart Podiatry uses a number of Australia’s most respected orthotic laboratories to produce a orthotic innersole that is right for you. 

sports podiatry - Podiatry services

Sports Podiatry

Footsmart Podiatry offers a wide range of sports podiatry services designed to treat sports related injuries as well as improve performance.

Common Podiatry Services - Podiatry Services

General Podiatry

Regular treatment by a podiatrist can help prevent many common painful lesions such as ingrown toenails, corns & calluses, fungus and cracked heels.

Ingrown Toenails - Podiatry Services

Ingrown Toenails

All Footsmart podiatrists are fully trained and qualified to treat all causes of ingrowing toenails. Treatment is simple and can be performed in our rooms allowing you to return to normal activities without pain and discomfort.

Onyfix Footsmart Podiatry Sunshine Coast

Onyfix Nail Correction System

Onyfix is the newest painless treatment for ingrown, split or pincer toenails. Using a composite nail brace, your Footsmart Podiatrist reshapes the nail helping it to grow back to its natural shape over time.

PACT - Podiatry Service

PACT® Nail Fungus Therapy

Photodynamic Antimicrobial Therapy is a treatment whereby the nail is exposed to light, a special agent and oxygen. This combination produces a reaction that results in killing the fungus whilst leaving all other healthy skin and nail alone.

Hyfrecation Footsmart Podiatry Sunshine Coast

Hyfrecation – treatment of Plantar Warts

The most effective treatment of plantar warts is via electrocautery or hyfrecation. Our principal podiatrist Robert Dick is one of the only podiatrists on the cost trained in hyfrecation. 

shockwave therapy footsmart podiatry

Shockwave Therapy

Do you suffer from plantar fasciitis or heel pain? Shockwave therapy is a quick, efficient treatment plan that is suitable even for the most sensitive and painful areas.

Diabetic Foot Care - Podiatry Services

Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetes can damage both the nerves and blood vessels in your feet. This can put you at a higher risk of foot complications including skin conditions, the development of foot ulcers and delayed wound healing.

Gait analysis footsmart podiatry

Gait Analysis

Footsmart Podiatry uses state of the art gait analysis software and equipment to provide advice on appropriate and proficient walking and running technique. Improving your gait can improve running efficiency, decrease injury potential and eliminate your foot pain.

Running Technique - Podiatry Service

Running Technique

We see runners of all levels and abilities; short and long distance, competitive and beginner. Through detailed assessment and simple technique changes, we can help you to achieve more enjoyment from your running.

Arthritis - Podiatry Service


Arthritis means “joint inflammation.” When it affects joints of the foot it can produce swelling and pain, progressing in some cases to deformity, loss of joint function, and decreased ability to walk. Our podiatrist’s can help minimise your discomfort and help make each step of the day comfortable.

Stress Fractures - Podiatry Service

Stress Fractures

Your podiatrist can help ascertain the cause of a stress fracture and devise a treatment plan to address this cause. Following recovery, a very controlled return to activity is required to allow the bone to re-strengthen and adapt to the force being applied to it.

Pigeon Toed - Podiatry Service

Pigeon Toed

Your podiatrist can distinguish between the various causes of the pigeon toed foot position and advise on what treatment or management is required.

Ankle Pain - Podiatry Service

Ankle Pain

The source of your ankle pain can be due to soft-tissue overuse and degeneration, bony misalignment or systemic conditions. Your podiatrist can assess and determine the cause of ankle pain, and implement a treatment plan to relieve it.

Forefoot Pain - Podiatry Service

Forefoot Pain

Your podiatrist can clinically determine the true cause of your forefoot pain through physical examination, and if required referral for appropriate x-rays or ultrasound.

Heel & Arch Pain

Heel & Arch Pain

Do you experience severe pain in the heel and arch upon standing after periods of rest? The initial pain often settles once you start moving only to return throughout the day. You may have plantar fasciitis! Book an appointment with us The earlier the intervention, the better the outcome!

Knee Pain

Knee Pain

Knee pain is an overwhelmingly common cause of discomfort. There are many causes of knee pain and therefore many different treatment plan. Your Footsmart Podiatrist will use the latest in gait analysis technology to pinpoint the cause of your pain and to plan a treatment plan that is tailored to you.

Shin Pain

Shin Pain

Shin splints’ is another umbrella term that refers to pain in the lower leg that occurs usually at the start of and after activity. Your podiatrist will look after the physical treatment of the shin splints by addressing the cause.

Hip Pain

Hip Pain

Depending on the cause of your hip pain your podiatrist will outline a treatment plan to reduce hip misalignment.

Back Pain

Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common ailments in the human body. Treatment of back pain regularly requires input from several different professionals, such as podiatrists, physiotherapists, osteopaths, etc.

Balance, Stability & Falls Prevention

Balance, Stability & Falls Prevention

Footsmart Podiatry uses state of the art technology to assess your ability to balance using a computer diagnostic test called stabilometry. This examination helps your Podiatrist to determine your level of instability and how best to manage it.

Hospital Visits

Footsmart Podiatry is proud to be affiliated with Salangor Hospital in Nambour. If you are wanting to book an appointment you can either ask the Nurse on your ward to contact us or alternatively call us on 5441 4822. Please note we do not accept online bookings for hospital visits.

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