Hip Pain

There are many different forms of hip pain and several ways in which your feet can influence the function of your hips.

For instance, excessive pronation, or rolling in of the heel/ankle, causes internal leg rotation, which places strain on the hip joint. Pronation also causes the pelvis to drop on that side, making that leg functionally shorter. Unequal amounts of pronation can unbalance the pelvis causing stretching of one hip joint and jamming of the other.

Hip pain can also be a result of true leg length differences. Whether from developmental abnormalities or simply natural variation, there are a number of us who have one leg longer than the other. Our bodies can adapt to this in most cases but in times of high activity or after years of compensating, pain and discomfort can present. Your podiatrist can assess whether your hip pain is due to one leg being truly longer than the other, or if the function of your feet are causing hip misalignment.

Depending on the cause of your hip pain your podiatrist will outline a treatment plan to reduce hip misalignment which may also include referral to a sports physiotherapist to address any muscular imbalances.