Hyfrecation – Plantar Warts

Plantar Warts occur commonly on the feet and can be difficult to treat. Unlike many dermatological conditions that present superficially on the feet, Plantar Warts are caused by a virus, known as the Human Papilloma Virus.

Because the cause of a wart is systemic (i.e. a virus), removal of the wart does not guarantee it will not reoccur. All plantar wart treatments, ranging from ointments to surgical removal, aim to trigger the body’s immune system to develop a resistance to the virus. There is no cure for the virus at present.

Treating your Plantar Wart

Generally speaking it is not advisable to treat your plantar warts yourself. Over the counter topical treatments contain acidic chemicals that are designed to destroy the skin and wart cells. The issue with this process is it is often lengthy and commonly ineffective. This method is also not recommended to be used by diabetics or people with circulation issues. It is always best to consult your podiatrist first.

Your podiatrist may choose to use a topical skin treatment on your plantar foot. Unlike over the counter self treatment, use by your podiatrist is more effective. This is due to them trimming back the wart tissue before use. Often multiple office visits are needed and there is a common chance of recurrence.

The most effective treatment of plantar warts is therefore via electrocautery or hyfrecation. Our principal podiatrist Robert Dick is one of the only podiatrists on the Sunshine Coast trained in hyfrecation.

What is Hyfrecation?

Hyfrecation involves the site of the wart first being numbed by a local anesthetic injection. Secondly, the wart is removed using an electric needle which penetrates the bottom layer of skin cells and kills the virus at the roots. Using this method, there is very little pain and very little chance of the wart returning.

Associated Costs

At our Footsmart Podiatry clinics we offer HICAPS facilities meaning you can claim your rebate through your Private Health Insurance on the spot.

It is recommended that you contact your Private Health fund prior to your appointment. By quoting the item numbers listed below, your health fund should provide you with an estimated cost.

ConsultationItem NumberPrice

541 $240.00

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