Pigeon Toed (Paediatric)

The term in-toeing, or being pigeon toed, refers to when your feet point inwards when standing or walking. It is very common for children to start walking in a pigeon toed manner.

In most instances this corrects itself naturally, or with conservative management in the early years of growth. When the pigeon toed alignment persists into adolescence and adulthood it can be difficult to correct.

The in-toe position of the feet can be caused by an internal twist, or torsion, of the thigh or shin bones, or by a muscular imbalance. If the cause is muscular, gradual improvement with a stretching and strengthening program is attainable. If the cause is bone malalignment, significant improvement will be limited and management of the in-toe position is required.

Your podiatrist can distinguish between the various causes of the pigeon toed foot position and advise on what treatment or management is required.