Balance, Stability & Falls Prevention

Unfortunately as we get older our balance and stability decreases; and it only takes one misplaced foot or one crack in the footpath to cause a fall and injury. Loss of muscle strength and a decline  in the bodies balance system place our aging population at risk of falls. It may sound obvious but your feet and your shoes are the connection between yourself and the ground.

How can Footsmart Podiatry help?

FootSmart Podiatry uses state of the art technology to assess your ability to balance using a computer diagnostic test called stabilometry. It is sensitive enough to identify a potential risk before you are aware of it.

These examininations helps your Podiatrist and other health professionals determine your level of instability and how best to manage this. We will often prescribe some simple exercises and falls prevention strategies if a positive instability result is identified.

Falls are the leading cause of unintentional injury for Queenslanders aged 65 years and over. Everyday, 133 older Queenslanders have a fall requiring medical attention which have negative consequences on mobility and ones independence.

Most falls occurred at home (58%) or in residential aged-care facilities (10%). Hip fractures were the most frequent type of fall-related injury. Due to our ageing population, the number of hip fractures in Australia is expected to double by 2026 and increase fourfold by 2051, based on current incidence rates

The majority of all falls are predictable and preventable.

At Footsmart Podiatry we can identify factors for  individuals who are at greater risk for having a fall. Through computerised stability testing we are able to identify  specific weaknesses which may leave an individual vulnerable  to having a fall.

We offer solutions and tools to monitor a individuals progress and can retest to  show improvements.

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