Footsmart Podiatry Maroochydore

Where are Footsmart Podiatry located in Maroochydore?

Footsmart Podiatry’s main clinic is located at 24 Denna Street Maroochydore. We are only there one day out of the week, on a Tuesday from 8:30 to 5pm. In Maroochydore, Footsmart Podiatry can be found across next door to Maroochy Waters Medical practice, inside the same building as QML Pathology. As with our other podiatry clinics, our Maroochydore practice comes with plenty of wheel chair friendly parking.

Which podiatrists work in Maroochydore?

We currently only have one Footsmart Podiatrist working out of our Maroochydore Clinic. This is because we are only open one day out of the week. Danielle Brink is our resident Maroochydore podiatrist and like our other podiatrists, she has a broad knowledge of both general and sports podiatry.

Which podiatry services are available in Maroochydore?

Unlike our other podiatry clinics, Maroochydore is limited in what we can offer. We do not have gait analysis in Maroochydore and therefore can not design or adjust orthotics. We can however offer everything else from diabetic footcare to ingrown toenails.

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