Footsmart Podiatry | General Podiatry Services

What is General Treatment Podiatry?

The speciality of diagnosing, treating and preventing disease and conditions affecting the skin and nails of the leg, ankle and foot.

Including systemic conditions and their influence on neurological, lymphatic and vascular conditions of the foot, ankle and lower limb.

Initial Consultation

· Detailed and thorough assessment of your presenting condition, causative factors, lifestyle considerations and surrounding medical conditions.

· Initial Vascular and Neurological screening

· Complete and thorough treatment, utilising the highest levels of sterilisation protocol, treatment technologies, practitioner experience and client education.

· Best possible resolution of your condition and ongoing comfort.

Common Conditions

· In-grown toenails

· Callouses and Corns

· Plantar Warts (verrucae)

· Athlete’s foot

· Sweaty Feet, Foot odour

· Swelling and Oedema

· Flat Feet

· Knocked Knees

· Fungal nails

· Paediatrics

· Mortons Neuroma

· Nail Surgery

· Diabetic Assessment

· Vascular Screening

· Bunions

· Blisters

· Hammer/ Claw toes

· Footwear education

· Neurological Screening

· Itching, Burning feet

· Ulcer/ Wound care

· Dry / Cracked heels

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