Do you need relief from Shin Pain | Causes and treatment can be found here

Shin pain is a common injury experienced by anyone who participates in everyday exercise, all the way up to professional athletes. Shin pain, commonly known as shin splints is when the bone at the shin micro fractures and the shin becomes inflamed.

This causes pain that can be felt anywhere from the above the ankle up to the knee, making activities of daily living painful.

How can shin splints develop?

  • Overuse – people who have not adjusted to a new exercise program and don’t recover between training sessions are particularly prone to shin fractures.
  • Incorrect biomechanics – flat feet and high arch feet can interrupt normal shock absorption and create additional stress on the shin.
  • Muscular imbalances – tight or weak muscles around the lower leg can result in abnormal function and inflammation.
  • Footwear – poor footwear that isn’t suitable for your foot type may reduce support during high impact activities and put unnecessary pressure on your lower limbs.

How does the Footsmart team treat this condition?

  • We assess your biomechanics and foot alignment through pressure plate gait analysis and diagnostic imaging modalities, e.g.: x-ray, MRI
  • Ensure activation of your normal biomechanical function
  • Assess if orthotic therapy is necessary to support and prevent further injury.
  • Provide stretching and strengthening programs that can be introduced to your daily training schedule
  • Footwear assessment to ensure if there are any changes needed
  • Training modifications may be included to assist your recovery in between exercise training sessions

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