Customised Orthotics (remove this?)

Orthotics (a customised arch support within the shoe) have been prescribed for decades to treat foot, leg and back pain and to improve foot posture.

The “old-school” way of thinking is to block movement of the foot, particularly pronation (rolling in), with an orthotic device placed in the shoe usually made from a hard plastic.

Our experience has led us to adopt a different way of orthotic prescription, one that encourages the foot to function within a ‘normal’ range of motion.

By placing the foot into a neutral position via a flexible orthotic we allow muscles to fire as per their original design without taking away their ability to control foot motion. The flexible orthotic will hold the foot where required and allow for the spring-effect to activate when necessary. This ultimately leads to soft-tissue structures around the foot and ankle to be unloaded and painful inflammation is allowed to settle.

We can incorporate your necessary prescription into any style of orthotic so you can have an orthotic to fit into appropriate forms of work shoes, football boots, ski boots, school shoes, spikes, hiking boots, casual shoes etc.