Custom Orthotics

Many individuals have structural or alignment troubles with their feet.

Around 70 % of the population have feet that have the tendency to pronate or “roll in.”.

Foot Orthotics, also referred to as Orthoses, are inserts that are placed into your shoes. They are developed to improve the posture, pressure distribution and bio-mechanical function of your feet. They do this by altering the position of joints and enhancing the placement of the lower limbs and muscles. This improved positioning decreases stresses on the foot and lower limb, improving symptoms and reducing the likelihood of future injury.

Customised orthotics are products made specifically for you, your feet, your tasks, your footwear and your lifestyle. Precise customisation requires a number of steps: First, a thorough history and physical examination to establish the origins of your pain and the structures being affected. Secondly, a precise impression of your foot is obtained through three-dimensional scanning. Lastly, a thorough biomechanical examination incorporating computerised gait analysis and ‘old-fashioned’ hands-on joint measurements is performed. The outcome of this process produces a tailor made orthotic prescription specifically for you.

Your podiatrist will choose the materials, shape, padding, thickness and characteristics of the product, along with bio-mechanical additions to best address your complaint and modify the function of muscles and joints to achieve resolution.

Private health fund rebated apply to custom made orthotics prescribed by registered podiatrists.