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Footsmart offers a wide range of services designed to treat sports related ailments as well as improve performance. We focus in the treatment of foot and lower limb overuse injuries. We want to help you improve your mechanical performance to maximise efficiency and minimise injury.

Custom Orthotics

These devices are produced following detailed assessment and an understanding of the structure overload that is causing your pain. The  prescription of a custom made orthotic takes into consideration your diagnosis, lifestyle and footwear needs. Footsmart use a number of Australia’s most respected orthotic laboratories to produce a orthotic innersole that is right for you. Click here for more.

Gait Analysis

Your podiatrist has detailed knowledge of how the body moves and an intricate understanding of the way the foot functions. This knowledge allows your podiatrist to identify the errors in how the feet and legs are performing and determine the most appropriate treatment to reduce pain and optimise function.  

Throughout your consultation we use many forms of functional assessments to locate and identify what triggers your pain and we provide a diagnosis and treatment plan to alleviate it.

We primarily assess in dynamic movements where possible and in positions tailored to your sport of choice i.e. running, cycling. Our assessments are done in both barefoot and in shoes using video gait analysis to explain our findings. We assess your flexibility and strength so we can tailor your treatment plan to alleviate pain and improve your well being.

After your initial assessment, we use different techniques such as strapping and padding to achieve an immediate reduction in your pain. This allows you to better understand our treatment plan and where possible, obtain immediate pain relief in the days following our consultation.

For videos about Gait Analysis Click Here 

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